Handcrafted Quality

Tom Reese offers custom milling services with a quality circular sawmill from Mobile Manufacturing capable of cutting any dimension lumber up to 4 x 12 and lengths to 20’ in the current configuration.  Longer lengths are possible with extensions to the saw.

We have pine and juniper available for sale including beautiful blue stained pine.  The blue stain of the grain is the result of a fungus introduced by bark beetles into the tree which does not harm the structural integrity of the wood, simply providing a dramatic color stain which varies from pale to very dark in some cases.

The wood shop provides the opportunity to utilize this special wood to create custom crafts that showcase those features.  Tom is presently developing a line of crafts for sale to include coffee and end tables, shelf units and other items.

Handmade Crafts

Reese Ranch Woodshop & Sawmill

About Reese Ranch Woodworking & Sawmill

A rancher and farmer for forty years, Tom Reese began getting involved doing woodworking with his father who had been a carpenter and maintained a wood shop at home.  Over the years, Tom went from doing basic carpentry remodeling or putting up new buildings, to refacing cabinets and creating new ones.

After moving to Oregon in 2014, a 103,000 acre wildfire in 2015, the Coronet and Windy Ridge fires, left the ridge above his ranch scorched.  Following salvage logging that Fall, much timber remained that the mills didn’t want.  Much of it was beautiful, character timber that commercial mills can’t use, but makes wonderful paneling, furniture and cabinets.  When a cousin who used to do custom milling offered the use of his portable mill, a new business was born.